Scarlet: Me And Misty

"What's there to do now?" Misty asked m

"I don't know, girl. Maybe we should go shopping?"

"Sure, Scarlet." Misty turned to me. She was a horse, and kinda hard to hide. Except when she turned into a pine cone, her only other form. I know, sad. But she said she couldn't see much while in that form, so when ever possible, she would be a horse.

She nuzzled her long, white nose against my arm. We were a ways outside town, where we had been for the last half an hour, talking. I grabbed a handful of her mane, and hoisted myself up on her back.

"Let's ride!" I said enthusiastically. She galloped fast, the trees on either side blurring green. We got to the edge of the town, where I got off, and she suddenly disappeared. I stooped down and picked up the pine cone that hadn't been there a moment ago.

I put her in my pocket as we walked into town. It was only late afternoon, and the sun was still up in the sky, shining down on us. I was just about to turn into the book store, when I almost bumped into someone.

"Sorry," we both said, at the same time. My head snapped up, and I saw something on her shoulder, but I didn't really look close. Later, after I had gotten a book, Misty and I went back to the forest to chat.

I was nearly scared out of my skin when I heard someone farther into the forest. Misty had just changed into her horse form, and I looked from on her back. There was the same girl I had almost bumped into, sitting on a log and seemingly talking to herself.

"Uh- hey there." I said. "Who're you?" She jumped up, and I saw again the thing on her shoulder. It was a pixie, I swear I wasn't kidding.

"Why don't you introduce me to her and her guardian, then." Misty said out loud.

"What?" I said, at the same time as the girl.

"We're not alone, Aoife." the girl said.

"No, Cate, I guess not." the pixie gasped.

The End

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