Lint: Ah...hi?

I sat on the hard bench, watching the police man through the bars. I was not in jail, only at the police station. I had been caught stealing from a book store. I mean, I don't really approve of stealing, but I have to get along some way. Ussaly I take only the nessesitys, but today I wanted to have something just for fun. Just a little book to read.

A small, sliver mouse brushed up against my hand.

"Hi Rex." I wisperd. Rex was my gaurdian. His power was to charm and distract (Much more than any normal person could) , along with occasional mind reading.  We are a team of theives, me and Rex. We hardly ever get caught, only a few times a year.

"I'm going to get you out." said Rex. He scuttled out of the cell and outside. A few moments later he reaturned, now looking like a 20 year old  human. He spoke to the burly police man, who stood to open the cell a few moments later.

"When mom get's back from her trip, you're going to be in big trouble." Rex said, smoothly acting like an older brother.

"Ok." I said, as a much practiced look of shame flashed across my face.  Rex and I then walked out of the police station.

"You need to be more carefull Lint." Rex whisperd. "You're geting too sure of youreself, and sloppy. Besides, you didn't need that book."

"I know." I said, the shame real this time.

"But I thought you might want it." Rex grinned, as he pulled the book out of his jaket.

"Thanks!" I breathed, holding the new book.

"We should probaly find somewhere to say for tonight"

"uh hum" I mummbled, looking over the book.

We were walking down the streat when Rex pointed at an empty, abandoned looking gas station. We were planning to stay there.

But, to our supprise, it wasn't empty. In fact it was quite full.

"Ah....hi?" I said, looking at some equally suprised people.  

The End

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