The new student walks through the door. As expected, all heads turn to stare at her. She has the grace (and the body) of a dancer, and pale, translucent skin, unblemished. Her hair, the colour of autumn, tumbles down her back in loose curls. Her eyes glow emerald, as though a fire burns behind them. She holds her head high, although whispers follow her in the corridor.

I put on a show of looking a lot more confident than I felt. Although I appeared alone to the students, my shapeshifter guardian was right there with me, currently in the form of an invisible boy.

Are you sure about this? he asked into my mind.

Yes, Liam, I am. I had to leave and if the rumors about the other Guarded Ones are true, this should be the best place for us.

Well, keep your mind open today. he said, to which I agreed.

You see, Liam is my guardian, and as far as I know, we are unique. He has given me his two powers of shapeshifting and we can project our thoughts to anyone we want, which has saved our skins once or twice...

I cast my mind around now, trying to sense anything useful.

The End

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