Cate: Not Quite Alone

The funny thing is people always think that I'm on my own. They think I talk to myself. One girl at my old school was convinced I was a witch and was muttering spells to turn her into a hedgehog (she was scared of hedgehogs). I got called into the headmaster's office for that one.

But they don't know anything. For I am not alone. I am never alone.

In all other aspects, I am, as many would say, ordinary. My hair is neither dark nor fair, it is somewhere inbetween. I am the normal height, maybe slightly smaller. My eyes, however, are different coloured. My right eye is blue, but my left one is green. I've always liked that. It makes me feel slightly different.

My guardian thinks so too.

They all think I'm mad, but I'm not. When I talk to myself, I'm really talking to her. My darling Aoife. 

She follows me everywhere, in the form of a sprite, no bigger than your thumb. That means I can take her to school in my pocket and no one ever notices. It means she can protect me no matter what.

The strange thing about Aoife is that she has these strange powers. She can draw energy from lightbulbs, or the sun, any light really. She tells me that lightbulbs have a very dull taste but sunlight tastes extraordinary. Luckily, there is a lot of sunlight, so her powers can work all the time, basically. Night is a little more tricky.

Her power? She can make us disappear.

This is hardly useful for her, being as small as she is, but it's fantastic for me. I can walk around without anyone knowing I'm there. Aoife can make us  weigh nothing at all, so we can float through the air and walk through walls. It's the gift of non existance. I know more secrets about my school than even the headmaster or the best gossipers. Not that I have anyone to tell, of course. I just like listening to people's stories. I like hearing their dreams and their fears. Sometimes, I will help those people who deserve it to achieve their dreams. Other times, I will punish those who deserve it. They never know what's hit them. The bullies of my school have often gone home to find precious items of theirs missing or moved. I drive them mad.

Aoife doesn't like it, not even for a good cause. But they deserve it.

People say I'm mad. Perhaps I am.

The End

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