Ami: Too Many Gummy Rings

I opened the door as I finished getting changed. Talon started picking out the red and yellow rings; my favorites. I smiled, and opened the door. A boy was stood there, looking surprised. He stook his hand out, saying his name was Jake. Behind me, I heard a growl. A human boy stood infront of me. Great. Talon was going all protective.

When something threatens me, or if he needs to, Talon can change into a human for when he has a few gummy rings. His human form has tanned skin, dark, golden eyes, light brown hair, and he wears black jeans, and a tight dark brown t-shirt. He stood their staring at Jake. I rolled my eyes. He was holding Jake with his eyes. I placed  a hand on talon's shoulder, and he ripped his eyes away from Jake's, to look into mine. "Dare harm her, its the lst thing you'll do." he growled over hs shoulder.

I smiled. He smiled back. He went into the garage again. He was searching through the bags. I laughed awkwardly. "Ahehe, sorry about him. He's really protective over me. I'm Ami." I said. I shook his hand politely, I opened the door wide, inviting him in.  He stepped in causiously, and I watched as Talon changed back into a golden egale. I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry. He had too many gummy rings. The green ones make him cranky." I laughed, as Talon rummaged through the bag of gummies. He jerked his head backwards, flinging a foam egg at Jake. It hit him in the eye. Talon jerked him head again, and I caught a cola bottle in my hand, almost half an inch from my face. "He's trying to be nice now." I chuckled. I pulled an old seat over, and threw a blanket over it. Jake sat down. I crowched on the floor, stroking Talon's head gently.

"Soft feathers. Have you been downn to the lake in the park?" I asked. He shook his feathers and nodded. He plucked a feather out, with his beck, and placed it on Jake's knee. Jake picked it up, stroking it gently. Talon snapped up a ring, and transformed to human again. He rummaged in the bags again.

The End

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