Ami: Sitting Alone...With Talon

I sighed, and began to climb up onto the roof of a house. I  walked alone the top, then jumped to the next. I slid down, and ran down the streets. I sighed, and went to my home. A boarded up petrol station. Long gone dry of any petrol, I sat on the flat roof alone. Well, I guess I would until Talon got back.

Talon is my Guardian. My little angel, I call him. He usually is in the form of a large golden egale, or a bluetit. He has a limited amout of powers....until he gets his claws on those gummy rings. We both like them. Yum. Talon and I are a strange yet perfect match. I was a loner, a bit of a tomboy, didn't go to school, none of the usual shebang. But I was still kind, sharing, and happy. Talon would sit on my shoulder after swiping a bag of gummy rings, rant how e had flown over schools to see kinds chained to thier desks, and he would just make up random nothingness to make me laugh.

As Talon flew down today, he held a white carrier bag in his beak. "Good haul today, Talon?" I called softly. He landed, throwing the bag at me. I caught it, and opened it eagerly. I pulled out a few  bags of gummy rings, and let my mouth drop at the next few things. Some jeans, a couple of t-shirts, (he had hidden soe underwear somewhere in here), and a small mirror. I stroked his feathers gently. I grabbed a few of the clothes from the bag, and looked at them, smiling.

I looked into the jagged mirror. My short brown hair was tangled, my slightly freckled cheeks were dirty, and my bright green eyes shon from the rest. I smiled to Talon, nd grabbed the clothes. I went inside to get changed.

The End

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