Jake: Well, we

"Well, since my parents have been out and about a lot lately we walk around, talk, and play pranks on some of the jerks at school." She turned to me. "What about you?"

I look up at the sky and lie on the ground.

"Well, we wander about at different places. The forest, the lake, the graveyard, places like that."

Her eyes widened.

"The graveyard! What exactly are you guys doing at all these places."

Then, Malachite answered for me.

"We find rocks. See, I live off rocks, I consume them. And when I eat a particular rock, I gain any charactersitics that it may have carried. We've found that rocks get better energy if their out in the wilderness. And so, Jake and I, we get rocks to increase my array of abilities."

"Yeah, and so I always keep a bunch of rocks in my pocket so that if we ever run into trouble we'll be safe."

"We've fought off a few gangs sometimes. One time, we were walking around late at night and saw a group of three guys beating up this other guy."

"So I fed him a rock, he got fire-breathing capabilities, and he took care of the three guys."

Isabella's mouth hung open.

"Wow, how do you know what abilities the rocks will give you?"

Then Malachite laughed, and I answered.

"We don't. We just find rocks, and give them to him."

"They wear off pretty quickly though." Malachite paused. "Can you and Herity do things?"

The End

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