Isabella: Walking Home

I was walking home from school while my guardian, Herity walked next to me. You see Herity isn't a normal human. She's a pixie. With her I go around solving mysteries. You wouldn't know that she was a pixie cause she keeps her wings folded on her back under her shirt. She can also change her appearance. Usually she looks like a girl my age because it's her favorite form. We made it to the house where we were staying in and I quickly went to my room to drop my backpack off then went back down stairs to the kitchen where I grabbed a snack from the fridge. Herity had gone to her room then came back wearing a shirt with holes in the back for her wings.

"Ahh.. Much better." She said "Man it's amazing how good it feels to unfold these things." I smiled at her then sat down on a chair.


The End

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