The Guarded Ones.

A group of people that have special guardians all try to unravel the mysteries of themselves, eachother and the world.

Now, this is a collaborative story. It is roleplay, action and supernatural. In this story, you create your own character. I will update this first page with a list of all current characters. It will get more interesting depending on how many people join.

So, you can create a character, s/he will have a guardian. It is not up to me what kind of guardian it is, use your imagination. You can have one guardian only. If you wish to kill a character, please ask that character's owner before doing so, the same goes for ressurections.

About your guardian: Your guardian has the following things

- A source of food or energy.

- An ability(s)

- A name

Please keep the mature content to a minimum.

And, when writing story titles put your characters name first then : then the title.

eg. Jake: fifty gummy bears

Lastly, I hope you have fun.

Character list:

Jake: A grade 11 student trying to come to terms with his identity is a materialistic world. Recently, he has been kicked out of his house by his mother, he is now living with Ami and Lint in the base. Ami and him are currently in a relationship. His guardian is a gnome named Malachite who can control plants. Malachite lives off of rocks. From these rocks he gains his powers, among that he can also telepathically talk to Jake.

Isabella: A student; her mother is dead and she doesn't get along with her father. Her guardian is a fairy with a solid form that has the ability to shapeshift and fly.

Ami: A girl who does not go to school. She lives in an abandoned petrol gas station with her guardian, Talon. Talon is a bird with the ability to change shape and change into a human; he also has the ability to heal wounds.. Talon lives off of gummy rings, his favourite ones are the red and yellow  ones. Ami has the ability to fly, see dead people, and kill people with a bite, she is currently in a relationship with Jake. At the age of six, Ami was kicked out of her home as well. She recently had a dream about a menacing person attacking them.

Cate: She is an average school girl who most think is crazy. In reality, she's just talking to her guardian Aoife. Aoife is a small sprite that feeds off of light and has the ability to make Cate and her disappear, become weightless, and move through walls. Aoife and Cate have a bond similar to the one between a human and a daemon in the book, 'The Golden Compass.' Justice is very important to Cate and she will punish those who deserve it.

Imi: A girl who has a shapeshifter for a guardian. Her guardian's name is Liam, he has the ability to become invisible and they can have telepathic conversations with eachother. Liam's known shifts are a human boy, a dragon and a green snake.

Lint: A girl that doesn't like crowds and steals for necessity, usually. Her guardian is Rex, Rex has the ability to charm and affect people, read minds and transform. They currently live at the base with Ami and Jake. It is revealed that Lint knows one of the rogue guarded ones, someone by the name of Vent.

Scarlet: A girl that likes to ride her horse. Her guardian is Misty, who has the ability to transform into a horse and a pinecone. It is revealed that Scarlet knows one of the rogue guarded ones, someone by the name of Sam.

Sophia: A girl who is worried about her weight and likes to run. She has the ability to close off her mind from her guardian. Her guardian is her cat, Tobias, who recently began talking to Sophia. Tobias is usually a cat but can also turn into a human and can read thoughts.

Grace: A girl whose guardian is Flit. Flit can transform into two forms: a human girl and a giant eagle. Flit feeds off of clouds, fog and mist. Flit and Grace have the ability to talk telepathically.

Mary: A girl who lives in an abusive family. Her guardian is Cal, and they are running away.

The End

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