The Grotto

A deep low growl echoes behind you and a warm breath engulfs the back of your neck. The stench of rotting flesh and blood trickles up our nose, causing you to flinch and gag....
When you stumble into a forest you dont know what to expect, the darkness wraps around you like a blanket. You feel like your the only one in the whole area, so when you come across a grotto and its inhabitant your heart races and fear takes over.
Can you escape from the silhouette Or will the last thing you see be a

The entrance to the grotto gapes like a wound in the earth. Ailing torn bushes surround the entrance and the wind whistles an unholy melody. Invisible eyes seem to be staring at you out of the black hole and you feel a hate-filled hunger spill out of the opening.
You stay rooted to the spot, afraid to venture forward. You fear some demonic creature of the underworld will jump forth and drag you into the shadows, never to let you go.
 The wind whips against you, slicing into any exposed flesh like an ice cold knife. The trees and bushes sway as the wind becomes a puppeteer and uses them to dance in an eerie slow manner around you.
 Your eyes dart around but you do not dare move you’re head. You fear that if you move even just an inch, that you will draw the attention of some being or unholy creature lurking in the shadows who has not noticed you yet.
 A branch snaps up ahead, but its brittle wood resembles the noise of bone being crushed. Your eyes are adverted forward and you notice something in the grotto entrance.
 A silhouette of a person lingers at the entrance, it is darker then the black hole itself.  The person turns to you and opens its eyes. Two bright blood red stones stare directly into your eyes, as if staring into your soul.
 Your heart starts to beat faster than the fluttering wings of a humming bird, and the hairs on the back of your neck stand tall. A knot forms in your throat and the bile in your stomach starts to gurgle and slush around. The colour from your face fades and your chest grows tight.
 Reaching up you clutch your blood and sweat stained top, tugging at it in a desperate attempt to get more air. Your heart pounds against your rib cage, threatening to burst out as the person begins to slowly approach.
 Dead, dry, rotten, leaves and branches snap under its feet. The wind grows colder and starts to howl against your back, as if trying to frighten you forward.
 You slowly start to back up; your legs feel like they are made of cement as you drag your feet against the ground, disturbing the debris.
 The silhouette creature ahead of you makes a low growl, like a wolf approaching its prey. It suddenly increases its speed rapidly towards you.
 You finally find the strength to move, you turn away and run as fast and swiftly as you possibly can, trying to ignoring the howling wind against your face. But the wind slips up your nose and down your throat, cutting off your breath. Gagging, you turn your head to the side, gasping and gulping down the air as if it is a cold glass of water. You glance over your shoulder, only to be greeted by the sight of the ruby red eyes closing the distance.
 You turn your attention ahead and continue to run, forcing your legs to move faster then they have ever moved before. You use your arms to gain more speed by holding your hands flat, fingers pressed tight together.
 Hesitantly you look over your shoulder again, unable to stop yourself. You blink as you notice that the person is slowing, but you do not wait to see why it has changed its speed. So you turn your attention to ahead of you once more, then you see why the person has slowed.
 Unable to stop or slow down you run right into a towering wall. It stretches far to the right and left, into the forest either side. Its bricks are dark, old and crumbling, ivy and weeds crawl up it surface and snake in between the cracks.
 Your voice suddenly burst out, you scream loudly, your vocal cords feel like they will snap at moment. You punch and kick the wall desperately. The force of the punches and the roughness of the wall cut your hands badly.
The crimson liquid oozes from the wounds and trickles down your arm, causing your skin to twitch and quiver, like there is an insect crawling around under the layer of flesh.
 A deep low growl echoes behind you and a warm breath engulfs the back of your neck. The stench of rotting flesh and blood trickles up our nose, causing you to flinch and gag.
 You hesitate greatly before slowly turning around, pressing your back against the old wall, its bricks as cold as ice. You shiver as the cold seeps from the wall and through your top.
 The person is only three meters away from you, it is pitch black and oddly shaped, like someone had cut it out from the night sky but avoided the stars. The only colour on the person is its blood red eyes which seem to flare brightly when it sees your blood.
 Your heart pounds against your chest again, threatening to explode through your rib cage.
 Nearby trees seem to bend in to watch you and the silhouette person, or maybe there are more people in the tree tops, all waiting for your end so they can jump down and feast upon you.
 You lick your dry lips shakily and open your mouth to say something, but before any words can escape your lips the person dashes forward with unbelievable speed.
 Silent and swift like an owl at night, the person knocks you to ground in one quick movement. You lay motionless on the cold ground; you
re dazed, confused and terrified. You pry your eyes open and stare up at the blood red eyes inches from you.
 Something clasps over your mouth to stop you screaming, you try to fight back but your arms and legs are numb. You’re defenseless and at the mercy of the silhouette…but does it have mercy?
 A stabbing pain shoots through your torso, you scream into the thing clasped over your mouth and shut your eyes tightly, a tear slipping down your face.
 You’re eyes slowly open again, your vision becomes blurred and hazy as you feel your life slip away, like sand slipping through a persons fingers and drifting in the wind.
 Your breath catches in your throat and you
re unable to breath anymore; you open your mouth slightly and gurgle on your own blood as it clogs up your windpipe.
 The last thing you see is the silhouette and its blood red eyes, staring down at you with hate-filled hunger.

The End

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