Onward! To Ur!

Without another argument, a month had passed. Agustus had the inclination to crush everything once in a while, though that was hardly out of the ordinary. His constant twist of moods were becoming less erratic though. Extra training had helped him vent out the more violent emotions, and silent meditation kept his mind focused on more productive thoughts. Productivity like now being able to de-robe with a mere thought, and getting the clothes to rest on his assigned bunk most of the time. 

It had been a relatively cool evening when word had passed through that orders had been given to get a caravan together and towards the great city of Ur. Probably for directives before actually heading to confrontation zones.

Augustus had stolen looks at the latest reports earlier in the week. Another couple of attacks, but this time the lizards were tracking bigger prey. A large band of merchants had moved through a relatively inactive part of the desert, and were decimated even with a total of thirty hired guards around them. Some of the enlisted had even named one thought responsible for over two hundred dead "Wretched Temper". Every week, Wretched Temper's mood seemed to get worse. More would die, and more would die in a twisting inferno or be torn to shreds and devoured.

This was no longer a battle against small scale incursions. This was an actual tactical war. It would be necessary to isolate the zones where attacks occurred, form new trade routes around them, and secure the important places that had been overrun.

"Wake up swine. It is time." Growled one of the men below.

"Silence. I am awake. I simply chose to ignore you all. " Agustus replied with bare minimum movement of his lips.

"Lovely. Get yourself moving and into some armor. You take first watch today."

Augustus raised an eyebrow and opened the adjacent eye, "Very well then. But you should know I sleep in my armor."

The void user, smugly opened his cloak to show the shimmer of his silver armor. It had been a lie, he had voided it on earlier when he had awoke, but he liked to make others feel unprepared.
"Right, fine." The man sighed, walking back away through the open barracks door.

It took well into late morning for everyone to eventually get moving. Augustus learned that first watch got it easy, they got to ride the perimeter guard of horses while all other trudged tiredly behind.

"Half way to the light door!" Hollered a captain who took point.

"I drew my blade to settle the score!" Came a unanimous chant.

"One, two, three were dead!"

"Bathed in that bowl of red!"

An old chant. Alluding to a great battle that had occurred on distant Steppes. It had been said enough blood had been spilled that it filled the dry basin(Bathed in a bowl of red).

Augustus was actually quite satisfied since joining these soldiers. It was nice to have company for once, and even though he acted like a bastard on the outside, he had truly pleasant feelings within.

"And on we march through flame and steel!"

Perhaps this was the right path.


The End

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