The Beast of Legend

This is an all-out war story placed in my world of Mounseik. In the past, Cain was sent away for killing his brother, Abel. He was not sent to the south, the north, or anywhere on earth. He was sent to Mounseik, a land only partially available due to the extremely large mountain range. Our heroes must fight the forces that dwell beyond the mountains: the Great Lizards.

Jamet walked along the trail, leading his men that pulled the wagon. Had they some horses, the trip through the mountain pass would be easier and faster, but Jamet wasn't about to spend a fortune for one horse. Even a cheap horse was worth more than a house. 

"We almost there?" 

Jamet looked to his good friend Hact. The shorter man was taking his break and walking alongside the wagon with two other men on break. It must be hard. Jamet himself had never done the work, but he was far too small and important to risk carrying the cargo, so no one ever complained about it. "Mar is just another hour away. Don't worry, boys, we will be payed in copper orbs this day!"

The men cheered and seemed to liven up at the sound of copper. Jamet himself was only left with the silver and a few gold orbs. The gold would get them to Mar, at least. Then the merchant could pay Jamet and he the men. Ah, such a good day to do business. The Scarred Mountains, which split the deserts of Saeron from the kingdoms to the east. Though they could just go around the mountains, it was far easier and shorter just to go through one of the many passes.

"What are you going to do when we get to Mar, Hect?" 

Hect scratched his head with his beefy fingers and looked out to the Divide. The desert met lush grasslands in an unnatural split. Hect was always fascinated with it. "Well, Jamet, I think I'll grab my orbs and buy a drink first. Mar is supposed to have great beverages."

Jamet laughed at his friend. "Yes, I think I will agree with you on that. Shall we go together then?"

Hect laughed and a man named Dmae added in that he would join. Then, two others did the same. One even shot a flame into the air, the Flame Mystic way to cheer, that. For being tired, they sure were lively. 

"So, boys, let's hurry this up and get to Mar! We have drinks to buy!" They cheered, though the ones pulling the wagon were obviously exhausted. "Hect, Olve, Kino, Horom, are you guys energized enough to pull the wagon?"

The four men nodded and each thrust a palm toward the large wooden wagon. Almost instantly, the wagon started moving without the pullers, who let go and started to walk. Mineral mystics, while common, were extremely hard to come by in the merchant industry. Most had been scooted up by construction companies or moving companies, sadly. Jamet had gotten lucky on having Hect as a partner. He knew where to find these men.

"So," Hect said with a heavy breath, "We almost out of the pass?"

Jamet looked at his map, then ran a little ways ahead. Sure enough, there was a trail leading through a tunnel. That would lead them to the ground. "Yeah, we just need to move through one more-"

When Jamet had taken his eye off his wagon and crew, they had been replaced by fire and screaming. Even knowing it was futile, Jamet used his Aqua mystic to pull all the water from the barrels on the back of the burning wagon. The men came first. Hect. Jamet threw the mass of water, now gathered in an orb above the flames, and slammed it into his friend. One after another, he did this to the other men as well. He had to hurry! The cargo was lost, but the men could be saved!

At last, the flames on the men were gone. Jamet held onto the water instead of putting out the wagon. They would need the water more. He quickly moved to Hect. Was he alive? He had to be! Yes! A pulse!

Hect's eyes fluttered open as a thin stream of water was directed into his mouth. "J.. Jamet, what in Cain's Sin happened? One minute you ran off and I was pulling the wagon, the next..."

Jamet shushed his friend. "Just relax. I am sure everything...."

Hect's eyes stopped moving. His chest stopped as well. There was no denying he was gone. Jamet would have been mad, had he the trace of anger to summon. No, there was another emotion in his mind, then. Something that overrode even sadness. 


Above on a ledge, a spiked monstrosity stood. It's eyes burned like red hot coals and it's skin seemed alive in a fiery inferno of red and silver. What.... Scarred Father!


"We need to act!"

King Saeron ignored Jeroha and walked over to a nearby window. The throne room was a place for conduct. Every Mounseiken knew this. Gerhald cursed his fellow warrior and watched as his King sighed heavily. This fool Jeroha would surely get everyone in the Earth Guard killed! 

"Jeroha Heron, you may have the title of hero," Gerhald snapped out of turn, "but do not think it means you can keep being treated like one. That title means you did something great, not that you will. This plan of your is too risky! Why, if it was-" 

King Saeron raised his hand, and pushed his long white hair to his back. Had it not been tied around his waist, the long expanse of hair would drag across the ground. "You are right, Captain Gerhald, but Jeroha is also right." Gerhald and Jeroha started to retort, but the King silenced them both. Disgraceful. "Jeroha, you are allowed to attempt this plan, but on your own. If you can convince any five men to accompany you, they can, but no more! Understood?"

Jeroha nodded, then left the throne room.

"Your majesty, do you think this wise?" Gerhald asked sincerely. He would not judge the King's actions, but he would question them. It was only normal.

"It is a gambit," the King said. He walked over to his throne and sat down, his extremely large frame barely fitting. The Frae's were a large family, King Saeron being the largest of them. "I need you to move to the front lines, Gerhald." 

"But, sir! We must defend you or else-"

The King cut him off. "I am the single greatest user of the Mineral mystic in this world, the Sovereign of Mineral! Around me is miles of desert awaiting my use! You think me weak, Captain Gerhald?" There was a challenge in that voice. 

"N-no, your majesty." This would be another mark on Gerhald's honor. 

"I have a few others that will meet you there. They are each talented and will be of use during your operation."

Gerhald looked to King Saeron. "Operation?"

The King nodded. "We are wiping out the Great Lizards with a strike at their home." A strike at their home!? The Impass? Was the King mad? "I believe they have a leader organizing attacks. There is no other explanation. Jeroha will carry out his... plan, and you will carry out this mission."

Gerhald bowed. "Yes, your majesty." In truth, Gerhald was scared to his core. He had never seen the Great Lizards in the few months the Great War had been going on. Protecting the King took top priority. Only a traveler known as Jamet had even given the Mounseikens warning. Without that, they would have been lost by now.

Gerhald left the throne room. It was time to do battle. Despite being afraid, he would fight. For his honor. For his kingdom. For his life. 

The End

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