The great war

Story about World War one airmen.

  Steed peered over the side of his dehavlin D.H.1.  He saw the squadron of Focker Eindeckers on patrol.  He turned his nose domn a bit just to keep in line with them.  Only a few shots would be enough to obliterate the aircraft. 

  "Cloudy with a chance of bullets."  He muttered.

  He slowy entered his dive.  The thing would get ripped apart if he ment head in.  Soon he was right behind them.  Making sure they didnt notice him was difficult.  So he went under them and stayed ready.  3....2....1.  He squeezed the trigger.  A steam of bullets decimated the monoplane and caused a strut to come loose.  The wing fell off and the plane went down.  Next target.  He was fast enough to get 2 more this way.  The pilots knew that there was no hope if they tried to break either way because the Dehavlin would mearly chase and shred them like a animal.  So they pulled up.  Enven worse idea.  Steed puled with them and took out another.  He just snapped it in two with a barrage of bullets.  The last two took there chances and broke left.  Steed followed them and riddled another with burning lead.  The final one managed to pull forward and run away.  Steed pursued for a mile, then turned back for base.

The End

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