Ugh. I was taken to be the announcer. I hated that job, I had to smile the whole time, and translate my own sentences!!! That wa annoying, btu i was sorta glad I didn't have to shoot people down below, I have terrible aim and I don't wanna have to take my anger out on others, I don't think that would be the best testimony to my faith. Not that wearing what I was would, but i sorta had no choice.

After commenting, and watching, and tranlating, Iwas finally taken away into yet another truck,along with Abbie and Zach. We were takent ot he next game site.

Abbie and Zach fell asleep in each other arms, and I started crying again. Wow, hormones aren't really ideal. I was just so bogged down with this slavery thing, no one i felt to look after me, and this feelig that I was so helpless. Im not the perosn who likes not being able to help myself. 

When we got there, I was taken to some sort of beauty parlor. Since I was fluent in manderine and english, I was to be the announcer girl again, even though Abbie had much more beauty potential than me. I went through tons of makeup, measuring for clothes, and lots of them trying to make my feet smaller. As if the camera would even see my feet.

Once they were satisfied, I was taken to a seperate room, and given some food, celery and a bit of rice, and told to wait. While waiting, I decided that on my next chance, i'd talk to both Zach and Abbie, maybe give them some tips on behavior and food, and stuff. And hopefully get to hear their stories and stories of the outside world. maybe I had a chance at a brother and sister yet.

I started praying then, making an effort to talk to the Creator of the Universe, my best friend. I told Him all my praises, and my woes. I asked Him for help in friendship building and for how to act around the Chinese. I ended with a prayer of safety for me and my family, wherever they were.

With my heart lifted and a certain peace that only He can give, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming that I had hit my head on a hair clip and couldn't talk thereafter.


The End

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