I went to the kitchenand saw the two americans, but before I could say anything to them I was whicked off, I don't even thin kthey saw me. 

After aboutt wo weeks, I was tired of having people talk about them. I eman really, they were foreign, yay, what's the big deal? All the men talked about how pretty Abbie was, and that was fine with me- I was tired of being 'beauty'; but I hated how all the women talked about how amazing the guy was. It was all 'Zack this' and 'Zach that'. He sounded like a superhero! Yes, he was tall, yes he was cute, yes he was strong, yes he was caring- but that doesn't make him an object of gossip!!!!

Ugh, I storngly disliked slavery at this point. The Master had me doing more and more an more things, like entertaining at this parties. I hopefully don't do a very good job, because one of these days those parties are gonna get ugly.  I purposefully mess up some in fornt of people, so that I will look less appealing, but that doesn't calm my growing fear.

As I sat down in the sitting room, I saw Zack pass with Abbie. A pang went through me as I realised that i hadn't ever spoken to them. How out of it they might have felt.  

I started to go towards them, but she kissed him. And he then started to REALLY kiss her. I felt awkward, and a bit hurt ofr osme reason. So I went off to my room, and started crying.

Why I was obliging I had no idea. This was totally out of character. But it just hit me how alone I felt. God was there, and he was my best friend, but I had no real human friends... 

"Beauty, get down here!" Ming Hu called. Ugh, apparently my old nick name was not shaken off.

Once I got down, I saw the americans there. So, was this like, a foreign get-together?

"You've been sold. You're going to the games." Ling Tu said flatly.

My face paled, and my nerves started shooting off in my hands. The games?!?!?!

After being put in the van. No one talked. I was so shocked, that I couldn't formulate any words. My heart beat was so loud, the others must have heard it. My hands were so shakey that they must have seen them.

After getting out, I was led to a room, sperate from Zach and Abbie. I wondered when and how they wer going to serperate those two.

A small Chinese woman came, gave me the outfit I was to wear, and give me a scroll withthe instructions and rules of the game. Good thing I could read.

I finished reading, and understood the concept, and I wasn't thrilled to say the least. I was even less thrilled when I took out the costume I was meant to wear. 

Those sil worms must be prosucing less and less silk I thought bitterly to myself.

I prayed to God, knowing it would take his strength to get me through this, as I stripped down and placed the 'outfit' on, and started to head out to the field. Let the games begin.


The End

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