Another Day- Elisa

I shivered. The kimono-type-thing that I had been given was not the best thing when it came to warmth, but that was okay, it was clothing.I brushed my brown hair into a bun, and added some chopstick like things to it, there, I looked like a Chinese convert now.

I struggled to my feet, kimono-type things were not made for standing, just for being beautiful in. I hated it.The silk felt good, and the colours were pretty, but it represented evil. It represented my capture and slavery. It showed me that my worth was only in the way I looked. I despised it.

I said a quick prayer of protection, I needed it, and headed off to the Master's living room where I was to fan him for his big party.

"Oy, you, beauty! Get over here!" one of the cooks called. I gritted my teeth at the sound of my nick-name. I prayed to God for patience, cause mine was running out.

"Yes?" I asked, as sweetly as I could.

 "The Master bought two new slaves, American. After you finish your task, you need to go talk to them, let them know what they need to do." he said.

 "Yes sir," I responded, wishing I didn't have to call him that. But the workers here felt that since I was a foreigner, they were my betters, therefore I had to refer to them as so. At least I didn't have to kiss their hand... bowing wasn't much better, but it was.

I rushed into the room, wishing the kimono-type thing wasn't so darn tight!

"And this, gentlemen, is my prize," the Master said, gesturing towards me.

The men in the room nodded their heads, agreeing with every word he spoke. I kept my head down, eyes to the floor and feet tucked in (my feet were too large for their taste, English size 3!), and my mouth shut. Underneath everything though, I was boiling. How dare they look at me! I was a human being, made by God, and they were abusing me, indirectly, but still!! I hated this.  

The End

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