Cheyenne: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

As soon as the bell rang, I grabbed my bag and dashed out of class. Let Lilith think whatever she wanted to, but she had not won this war.

The sea of students parted like the Red Sea when I walked by, partially to stare, and partially to stay out of the way of my very sexy, but very dangerous, stillettos. Heels are definately my best friend.

As I was running down the hall, lost in my own thoughts, I heard a voice behind me. I knew that voice. And Lilith knew it even better...

"Hey Dev," I said as I stepped behind him. "I haven't seen you in weeks! Did I do something wrong?" I asked with giant eyes.

Dev smiled and casually draped his arm over my shoulders. "Not at all, Cheyenne. Just been pretty busy lately."

The guy standing next to him coughed. "I'm Dev's friend, Mitch."

I gave him a cursory glance, then turned back to Dev. "So I was thinking that maybe we could go somewhere tomorrow night, if you're interested. I've got a new black dress that's supposedly so hot it'll bring a guy to his knees, and I've been dying to test that theory," I said as I put one hand on his chest.

Dev grinned. "Sounds good. When?"

Before I could answer, Lilith and Lauren walked by. Lilith stared at me for a moment, as if unable to process what she was seeing. I gave her a cruel smile. She wants to play dirty? I'll drag her into the dirt.

The End

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