Lilith: The Late Game

I'd won, as usual. I always won the Late Game. The idea was to see how long you could stay in bed before your parents noticed and forced you to school. Naturally, everyone else only managed about half an hour.

And so I wandered into maths, two hours late, and slid into my seat next to a space which, whilst usually empty, now contained a girl I'd not seen before.

I ignored the glare I was getting from the teacher as the low-level buzz of people talking resumed and turned to the new girl.

I ignored Cheyenne too, as she tried to pretend I didn't exist.

"Hey," I said. "Not seen you before. New?"

She nodded nervously, glancing at Cheyenne with all the appearance of a rabbit in the headlights.

Oh, great. Had Cheyenne warned her to stay away from nasty Lilith Parker?


"Hey, it's okay, I don't bite. What's your name?" I asked her.


"Nice." I shook her hand in a mockery of formality. "Lilith. Regional bad girl. If anyone starts bothering ya, come tell me. I'll make sure you don't see them again."

She nodded again, Cheyenne's gaze burned a hole through my back, and for the rest of the lesson I mentally tortured my ex-best friend with a swiss army knife.

Let me know if you want me to change any of this.

The End

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