"Yeah, Reisha! Go change swimsuits like girls have to!" I called after the two girls.

Reisha turned and, laughing, yelled, "Whatever Fiyero, you idiot!"

"I cannot believe you just said that." Darius muttered. I felt my face turn red.

"I sounded like an idiot didn't I?"

"Oh yes. You look like one too." He gave a faint smile, looking up at me from the sand.

"At least I can talk to her, unlike you with Shanti."

It was his turn to turn red. I started laughing. "Come on, I'll put Reisha's board up by the beach shop then we can catch some more waves."


"So what was slowing you down other than the usual?" I asked Shanti as we walked into the shop.

"Oh, mostly the usual. Beautiful leaves this year." Shanti shrugged.

"There was more to that, though. Wasn't there?"

Shanti's eyes clouded. "Yes. I met a boy. He was unlike any other one I've met."

"Oh?" I pressed.

"He had these amazing violet eyes and long dark hair......"

"Ah, that kid. He gives me the creeps!"

"Who does?" My dad asked, looking up from the surfboard he was waxing.

"Some kid." I answered, shrugging.

"The 'some kid' has a name." Shanti said defensively.

"Please, enlighten us."

"He said to call him Rat okay?"

"Sheesh you don't have to get all defensive about it. I'm just stating my opinion." I gave Shanti a look as she withdrew from the conversation, then moved my gaze to the window. I smiled as I watched Fiyero lean my surfboard against the wall of the shop then run back to the surf where I knew Darius was waiting. My dad looked from Shanti to me and back again. His eyebrow twitched upward before he returned to waxing. I knew that look. It meant the matter was not, in any way, closed as far as I went.

"Come on!" I called to Shanti. "Let's go surf!"

The End

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