Many years ago a young god by the name of Ratri was banished but before he left he promised that he would return for his revenge. As the years went by, however, many began to doubt that he would ever do what he said. It's not until after Shanti and Reisha are born that Ratri does return and it's up to them and their mortal friends to stop Ratri from destroying both Earth and Altagracia.

Many eons ago a dark power ruled both Earth and Altagracia, the home of the gods. It's job was to destroy both of these powerful worlds but it wasn't able to accomplish this. The gods of Altagracia were able to defeat the darkness with help from the humans of Earth. The sealed this great power away and hid it. As the years went by it was untouched and forgotten. Until a certain god came along.

Ratri was a fairly young god who had somehow found out about this power and began to search for it with out the other gods' knowledge. This young god never gave up and eventually he did indeed find this ancient power. For years he kept his discovery secret and during that time the power began to control him. When the gods found out about the darkness growing in Ratri they became afraid and did the thing they thought best. They banished him from Altagracia. 

Filled with anger and hurt at this choice, Ratri stood before the Council of Yasir and swore an oath that he would return for revenge before vanishing from Altagracia. Nothing was heard from him since but it's said that he resides in a far, unknown place planning his revenge.

The End

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