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looking for interesting stories to go into feel free to borrow some of mine.

"huf huf huf huf where the hell is the left flank." Maria yelled at Anisia. Anasia was a 24 year old angel with striking red hair, long musculer arms weilding a saber and small round shield, her breasts were a little bit largeer that Marias but when it came to a contest of smarts Maria alwase won her armor was blue with white trimmings and wings protruding out of her back were red like her hair. Maria was a witch with white hair and long slender arms her battle armor consisted of a jet black robe with chain mail beneith. 

 "I think we lost them about 180 yards back." Anisia yelld back over the sounds of battle. "Great now we are out here with half of a flank, the left flank became there right flank, our reianforcments are cut off by the godlings behind us, and we ran out of solar flares." Maria told herself. Just then a explosian erupted from beneith, tearing her pikemen to shreds. "Magistrates behind the spearmen, archers behind the magistrates. Armored divisions to the front, horsemen back them up, swordsmen protect our left flank." Maria yelled out. The troops followed her every order with perfection.

"Ok men make those god summoned fruitcakes see why they call us the pleuge devision." Maria shouted. The now organized force marched forward eviserating everything in there path. The swordsmen protecting there left flank held but Maria knew that they would not hold forever. She looked over to her second in command Anisia. "Ok are you ready to show the absolute god that he does not have a place in the future that we envision." She Said to Anisia. "HA as if you need to ask something so obvios." Anisia said back lifting her saber out of one of the godlings. Maria held up her hands and cast a spell, "Anedotel" Maria shouted shooting a bolt of lightning into a godling. "now press on men!" Maria shouted.

The large force of solders reached the foot of the stairs leading into the shrine. They where surounded by godling and the only way was to go up the stairs.  Anasia just got done pulling he small round shield out from the bowels of one of the godlings and her sword from another one of the things head. "Hey Maria." She shouted getting Marias attention. She pointed up the stairs and Maria nodded. "Ok men hold out here and wait for my return." Maria shouted out to them before she ran up the stairs with Anasia. Anasia was there first opening the doors to the huge shrine. they both entered and Maria got the last look at her platoon of men just before the doors shut behind her.


"Welcome to my domain." A deep voice said from the darkness. imediatly light filled the room. it was an erie light that had no source. the walls were covered in gold, the roof silver, the floor was made out of gems and precios metals. In the very back of the shrine was a man of about 6 foot 7 with jet black hair about 5 feet long, his cloths were black with white trimming, he was as white as snow, and he had no shoes. He was looking at the battle through the water in a bird bath. "Simmah." Maria said. "Yes that is me." the man said turning around. His face was more like a head, there were no eyes, ears, or anything, hiar was the onlything he had on his head. "Tell me why did you come here?" The voice said from everywhere. "to show you that you are no longer needed on this planet now prepair to be killed." Maria shouted as she raised her hands." Yemela." she shouted. a fireball erupted from her hands and launched itself at Simmah. It hit him and evaporated him. "It is a rare thing to have a race turn its weapons on the being that created said race." The voice said as Simmah walked past them from behind them. Very well we shall face off with the same weapons that you find such comfort in." Simmah said as a shield and saber apeared out of nowhere.

"Anasia on your toes i will back you up so don't hold back." Maria said. "right." Anasia swaid. Anasia shot into the air and dived at Simmah with her blade held above her. Maria shot a fire ball at Simmah and it hit his shield at the same time that Anasias blade did. Simmah was pushed back so far that he crashed into the birdbath spilling the water all over the place. Anasia didn't lighten up she was already on him slicing at him with her sword. Simmah was blocking hvery slice with his blade. "do you realy think that you can destroy the one that created you?" Simmah said as he parried and hit her in the side with his shield, bashing her aside. "Esiaghamaghte." Maria shouted. A bright light shined on Simmah and rings of electricity surrounded him. "Ignite!" Maria shouted. The rings spun and the light shimered and there was an explosion right under Simmah.

"Ugh." Simmah grunted. He held up his shield to block Anasias sword. "volarian flare." Simmah said. Anasia was surrounded by flames. Simmah held his shield arm up with the emptie hand in a snapping posision. "Spark." He said as he snapped his fingers. Anasia burst into white flames. "AHHHHHHHHHHH IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO MUCH. AHHH" She sceamed. Maria just stood there looking at her as if she could not process what was happening. "MARIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING. KILL ME PLEASE JUST KILL ME." After that sentance Anasia turned into a pile of smoldering ashes.  

"YOU BASTARD!!!" Maria screamed at Simmah after a while. She held her hands out to her sides. "hazom dervil meighn forn." She chanted. A ring of fire sourounded her feet and grew into a tornado of inferno. "Burn bright." she said. The tornado of flames dissapeared and reapered around Simmah. Seven spears apeared around Maria. she thrust each one into the tornado and each one found its mark."Now Simmah i slay you in the name of..." She could not continue the sentance because the tornado exploded and all that was left was Simmah crouching wounded on the ground. A cup apeared in his hand and he splashe the water on the ground in front of her. She looked into the water and what she saw horrified her. She saw her troops run over by the godlings, the were dead in a matter of minuets.

"Now do you see the deapth of youre Relavance? You are nothing, you never where anything. now behold." in an instant the floor was see through and what was beneith the structure was the cosmose. Her planet, galexy, universe, all of space was beneith them. In fact they werent even in the building, they were drifting through space. "VON DER UNCH HASLE DEIGHN HEIM." Simmah chanted. severla universes came together to form a massive mystic circle, galaxys came together to form runes, planest collided to form insignias. "it is all hopless all we did is anger the creater." Maria thought to herself. "clear." Simmah said. everything went white. They wherent in a white room but everything was destroied in that moment. They were in an endless white space. There was nothing but at the same time there was everything. "now do you see how pathetic you are? Good Now begone." Simmah said. Maria began to turn into nothingness. Se did not feel anything but she knew that this is what would be consitered dying. She closed her eyes and faded into nothing.


The End

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