Billy: Seek and destroyMature

She looked surprised to see me. I don't see why. It was a small world, especially when so few of us were crammed into such a small part of it.

"Oh... Billy. What are you-?"

"You're Lily, aren't you?" I interrupted, looking upwards at her face.

She nodded, tucked a piece of long red hair behind her ear, and blinked downwards at me. "Were you... waiting here for me?" she asked in her British drawl, taking a glance to her left.

I nodded, and tried to enlarge my eyes and look even more innocent than usual. "D'ya wanna team up for the qualification round?"

Her frown deepened. I suppose it was a lot like being approached by toddler and being asked to go for a smoke.

"I guess so," she said, smiling. I knew she was faking it. No girls accompanied me anywhere with a real smile, or without wishing they were with someone else.

Someone taller, stronger...

I almost narrowed my eyes and snarled at the thought of that Ian guy. I'd seen him pass by a while ago with a pretty, dark-haired girl who followed him like a puppy, and then yell at the camera guy. I really hoped, for his sake, that he had some secret hidden ability apart from aggressiveness - because that certainly wasn't secret or hidden.

"Let's go sign up then," said Lily, starting towards the registration room.

Her back faced me as she walked, and I smirked secretly after her, my heart rate close to that of a hummingbird. So beautiful. Deceiving and destroying her would be interesting.

The End

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