Ready, Set, Go!Mature

I stood at the end of the long simulation room. A big digital clock on the wall stared redly at me. I glared at it, then surveyed the obstacles ahead of me. A jungle gym contraption straight ahead, a river beyond that. I guess running straight ahead and swimming the river wasn't what they were after. I decided to go simple: the monkey bars running from me to the end of the room, about 30 meters away. A buzzer sounded, cuing me to start. I swung on the the first rung and continued a few feet. I decided against actually swinging from the bars, as it would tire me out rather quickly, so I flipped up on top of the bars, placing a foot on two bars, one in front of the other. Throwing my arms out for balance I prepared to run.

"Ready, set, go!" I muttered. I ran down the line, placing my feet carefully but quickly so not to trip. The bars stopped halfway across the water, but they were high enough I decided to jump the rest of the distance. Using my momentum and the added height from the bars I flew across the remaining stretch of water, rolling to soften my fall on the other side. Leaping to my feet, I discovered the final obstacle.

"A robot! How do they come up with this stuff!" I yelled, ducking under a swinging metal arm, aimed for my head. I stepped back, trying to plan.

I was weaponless, having not planned for a monster encounter, so I had to figure out how to fight the metal creature without one. I swerved and ducked around it, trying to anticipate it's movements. It took another swipe at my head, i dropped to the floor, the arm swung all the way around the machine's body, throwing it off balance. I thrust my leg out to trip it and the robot landed with a huge splash in the water, it's circuits all shorted out causing the robot the shut down completely, I looked at my time. 2:30, it must have been my dance with the robot, I know I cleared the rungs in 30 seconds.

A door opened not far from me and I strode out, thankful that this part of my trial was over.

The End

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