Emelina Bonita: PracticeMature

I went in to register alone, I didn't want to be responsible for anyone else yet. 

B12 was a big room, with a timer on the wall. I had to get to the end of the room by dealing with various obstacles, while also impressing those watching with showy skills. I guess they would want those who looked best on camera to last longest, so that's why they would give you an edge at the start if you did well.

I took in the room as quickly as I could. There seemed to be a row of monkey bars all the way across the room, but that wouldn't be very impressive. It would also be a challenging route to take, because the room looked about 30 meters long.

There was a jumble of obstacle course-like arrangements in the center of the room. I was trying to plot the best way to go when the count-down started. 

As soon as the timer went off I leaped into action. My hair was still all fancily done up, my clothes were not the most practical because they were what I had worn on the way here. My protective wetsuit-like choice of clothing was packed safely into my bag, along with my Practical First Aid kit. There had been a selection of boxes but I chose the one with bandages, sterilizing wipes, painkillers, a needle and thread, burn ointment, the usual, along with some medicines I didn't recognize, but that sounded useful. All I had was my knife belt, which contained a selection of sharp, deadly knives.

The ground was soft and separated into blocks that moved up and down, and from side to side. I shakily leaped across those, and the first thing I came to, I used. It was an inverted rope ladder, that shook and got looser and tighter as I made my way up it. At the top I dropped down onto a spinning stool, and when I had steadied myself on that, I jumped off and grabbed hold of the monkey bars. I didn't want to waste time there but I was a bit dizzy and didn't want to fall or stumble because of that. I had hit my arm, which would leave a lovely large bruise that would already be showing by the time I was dressed up for our Last Dinner later tonight.

There was a wide stretch of water in the middle, it seemed to be a river, it flowed in from one side of the room and out the other. There were a few ways of crossing it, but I was hanging over a slippery board. It was held up underneath by struts which shook the board from side to side. I slipped softly onto it and made my way along it, arms spread out and my feet running quickly - I was hoping my momentum would stop me from slipping.

It ended in the middle of the river, and I had to climb up a knotted rope ladder, gasping with the effort. At the top there was a fire-mans pole, but it went down at an angle. Instead of doing the expected (hanging from under it or trying to hold onto the top) I sat on it sideways, and got down safely like that. At the bottom it spread out, and became a ladder that went horizontally across the rest of the river, with gaps between each rung, of a few feet that I bounced over, to the solid ground at the other side.

There was an automated machine that looked more fierce than it actually was. It was big and a shiny black, with red embellishments. I let it pick me up and I used a knife to wedge open a panel on the top of it's head. I slashed madly about and cut all the wires and connections I could see, shutting it down. As soon as it deactivated my timer stopped and I saw the time, 2 minutes 50 seconds.

It felt like it had taken longer than that, so I was satisfied.

The End

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