Ian: Qualification roundMature

I picked up a a dark coloured jacket with camouflage patterns, it had a hint of green, brown, and red. It would definitely be hard to pick me up while I’m trying to hide. For a weapon I grabbed a hook on rope, it had multiple purposes.  I had training in outdoor survival so I wasn't to worried about food. Besides, I could simply steal another contestants if I wanted to. No I picked up up first aid kit which surprisingly held more then just the usual first aid. Now I'm Ready.

I looked around, a girl with dark hair, and skin who was carrying a cross bow with sight walked up to me a little nervously,her green eye shifting side to side." I noticed your one of the few who hasn't bothered to ummmm..." She trailed off.

"Teamed up? Well that’s because I'm not a good team player." I smiled.

"But you'r...you’re strong right?"

"Maybe, this game isn't just about your skill, its your cunning too."

"Then why did you piss everyone off earlier?" She was getting more confident.

"I wanted to see how they would react. Anyways why are you talking to me?"

" I was thinking we we we could work together." She looked away then. I thought about this for a second.

"What's your name?"

"Megan Macardo, I'm from the Philippines."She said. Ian remembered her ability was a sensor ability she could see infrared,X-ray, and even determine one level of stamina, a vital ally."

"Alright, My name is Ian Forsyth. Like I said earlier I am not a good team player. But as long as were both useful to each other and not working together I'm sure things will be fine. I think we should tell each other our abilities once this is all started." She nodded.

"Yes. I want to add one thing Ian. When the competition begins to thin out I will not hold back in killing you."  I nodded this time.

"Things can change, but I admire your resolve to survive." I replied

"Alright if you have finished packing move to the next room there you will be registered for qualification rounds. This is a non lethal round that will set up your starting time. The rounds will be held in private so you will not be giving away any of your skills to your opponents good luck!" The announcement went off.

"Lets go." I said to Megan heading towards the now open double doors a few cameramen followed after us as we headed there.

"Hey you weren't Interviewed!" He called towards me still filming. 

"Yeah and what of it?" I sneered as I give a dismissing gesture with my hand. 

"At least show the camera your face, and say your name!"

"Ian Forsyth! Now beat it!" I growled. I have a very strong dislike for camera's but also having those bastards watch my every mode also put me on edge. I wanted to work out of the camera's spotlight as much as possible. The only colours in the hall was peoples clothing, otherwise the hall was a bland surgical light with irritating fluorescent lights that kept blinking. A little up ahead was a split in the hall one, presumably was a team registration and solo registration. I was correct Megan and I headed to the right after signing ourselves up , they told us to head down to room A15, which was a small distance away from the table. The door was also surgical white with a small square window at the top left with mesh wiring in it. It was hard to have a good look so I bravely stepped into the room.

Inside was a rectangular room that looked like 30 meters across from where we stood and 10 meters from my left to my right. In the middle was a set of  various obstacles, and at the end it looked like to robots one holding a katana, the other had a large shield and spear.

"Are those really????Robots?" She paused in disbelief.

"How am I supposed to know?"

On the wall opposite the wall lit up reading zero's that was obviously going to display our time. The P.A system in the room activated with a robotic voice.

"Time here is not the only factor in giving you a faster starting time, you will also be marked on how you deal with these obstacles. We'll start in T minus 5 seconds. Five!"  I looked at Megan she looked nervous, I gave a smile and signalled her to follow keep up with me."four.....three.....two....one!" the timer went off i started up a set of stairs, below the bridge was a shallow pool of water and up ahead were small platforms some spinning while a slat of material swung like a pendulum between platforms. I could do this easily but Megan probably couldn't. I took the rope and hook off my shoulder and latched it on the railing. Quickly I got across within mirror seconds to Megan's astonishment. I also had caught all the falling pendulums making it a whole lot easier for Megan. Who got across with little problem, she was quite athletic. I jerked the hook free and quickly coiled it back looking ahead to see rolling logs in the water with bumps on it to make it harder to catch balance. However Megan confidentially took off ahead quickly getting past the first to but slipping up a bit on the third. I dashed up and got her before she fell into the water.

We got to the next platform, and the clock was reading 20 seconds had gone by since this thing had started, our next obstacle was now jumping onto swing platforms to get across while avoiding these water canons that were spewing water at very high pressure. Megan nodded signalling she was ready. Getting onto the first platform was a challenge since I slipped onto my back and nearly slid into the water below. It took a couple swing to get back onto my feet. I cursed for losing us that vital time. We jumped to next one which began to swing harder almost making our bodies perpendicular to the water when it had head its peak. Megan began to freak out as she screamed as we went back up for our second time. I grabbed her hand as we went down and launched ourselves when we reached the apex on the other side. we went flying above the second swinging platform. I had to think fast their was no way I could get my hook out again! Without thinking i threw Megan with all my strength she managed to hit the next safe platform hard, but now i was heading towards the swinging platform.

With luck on my side I hit the swinging platform winded but fine otherwise I got up quickly ignoring my complaining and sore body and reached the safe platform breathing hard, I fell to my knees amazed we actually made it without touching the water. However now we had to face the robots, which started to head towards us. It was obvious that they were powered by wheels at their bases, but simply amazing their arms moved at the speed of a humans so smoothly.  I got up sucking in another deep breath.  Megan had her crossbow out and fired at the shielded one hitting its sheild. It jabbed at us with its spear which I knocked upwards. With that I pressed forwards getting behind it before it could react. I grabbed out the knife and slid it down the robots neck. It deactivated as soon as I pulled the knife out and jumped back avoiding the robot with the katana. This was almost to easy. A bolt from Megan's bow struck the robots head with a violent crack the timer ended reading  a total of two minutes and 15 seconds.

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!"

The End

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