Supplies - LilyMature

After I told the guy I now know is named Tommy what my talent was, he steered me into another room full of supplies.

"Now, you are only allowed to pick three items. Choose wisely." Then he left.

My eyes looked around the room. There was clothes, food, weapons, and more. I went over to the clothes and got a puffy jacket, that had a warmer built in. Then I went over to the weapons.

I was handy with a with bow and arrows. I walked over to the knives and tested them out. Satisfied, with my sharp blade, I walked over to the food and medical stuff.

I knew how to get food, and I knew what plants and thigns were poisinous. But if I got injured I'd be doomed. I picked something that was labeled 'Pain Relief (Snake bites, Burns, headaches, everything!)' It was somesort of rub cream.

I took it in my hand with my others and stuffed it into a small backpack. Then I walked out the door and bumped into someone. I peered up, Oh my gosh! It was Billy!

The End

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