They plaster me with makeup, i think to accentuate my large eyes and pale skin, then throw me in a room full of clothes, and tell me to pack for long term survival.

Pack? are you serious? is this a vacation or something!

I resigned my self to my fate and began perusing the racks of clothing. There was a rack of ballgowns, silk and lace poufs everywhere, I grimaced and rushed past it to the rack of more sensible looking clothing. I picked myself out a few sturdy wool and cotton shirts, some light and some heavy, I didn't know what the weather would be like, and layering would have to be an option. I got myself several pairs of denim jeans, for durability and warmth. I also found a light but warm wool coat with large woodedn buttons on the front. No metal. After grabbing some lighter undergarments I set to packing everything neatly in my new satchel.

A voice over the intercom tells me that I need to pick an outfit for the special sending-off dinner tonight, I reluctantly go back to the dress rack, I eventually find a cranberry red silk number, straight cut, no big poufs and an off the shoulder neck line. Grabbing it and throwing the dress over my arm, I exit the room, back to the little cell they threw me in earlier. A helper is there to help me change before we go off to the dinner.

It could very well be my last meal, I was planning to enjoy it.

The End

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