Emelina Bonita: Getting readyMature

I was strapped down, but my mouth was now freed. The man who had carried me out of the room waited for me to reply... He had just asked me what my main talent was.

"I don't know what you mean." I said slowly, lowering my eyelids slightly.

He laughed "Don't give me that. Everyone has something they're better at than the average person. We're preparing the start of the show and we need something to label you all with. Surely you have watched The Globe before?"

"No, I have not watched this disgusting show, do you not see how cruel and despreciable it is?"

"You're gonna have to get used to that sort of behaviour on this show. That's what I'm going to talk to you about. But first... A talent."

"I am good at, ah, the fast movement."

"I'll need something a bit more convincing than that, it's not very original."

"Normally I am very convincing." I smiled secretively.

"That'll do I guess. I'll be back in a moment." He turned and went out of another door in the room. In his place a girl came out, she looked scared.

"Uh, hi. I'm Anabelle. I have to do your hair and make-up and stuff, to get you ready for the cameras." She avoided eye contact, I guess she was afraid of me, or maybe just sorry for me and what I would have to go through. 

She wiped my face clean, and then proceeded to plaster me in make-up. I complied easily with her every demand, allowing her to make me look seductive and very bold. I made an attempt at talking to her, she was not amenable, but I suppose she was just following orders. 

She brushed my hair, and curled it into big ringlets, then showed me my reflection. I looked like a more exaggerated version of myself, but I approved.

She left without saying goodbye, and in came the man again. He was followed by a couple of cameramen and their cameras, who arranged themselves around me. Behind them three very large men came in, and stood quietly by the walls.

The man told me that he was going to take off my restraints but warned me that there were people ready to hold me down if the need arose. He gestured at the men at the edge of the room.

"Surely you don't think it would take all of them to hold me down?" I giggled slightly. I rubbed my wrists as they were released.

"You never know, with people. When they're desperate, they will do anything. You will get to experience that first hand, I expect." He said, turning to the cameras and gesturing at them to start filming, and launched into what sounded like a rehearsed speech.

"Okay now, the rules of The Globe are that there aren't any rules. At least, not about how to treat the other contestants. I warn you though, do not trust anyone. It is a game of deceit and skill, and above all, survival. You will have to scavenge for food, although you may take a backpack with some edibles in it at the start of the game. If you find yourself needing to get something desperately, there are challenges which you can complete for a prize. You wont know what you will get, although typically it will be food or some other important and useful item. They are dangerous and difficult, and can only be used by one person each. In the unfortunate event of your death, your family will be compensated and your funeral paid for.The last person alive is the winner, and will receive a surprise prize. On top of that, they will be supported for the duration of their life, and awarded funding for any enterprises they should wish to undertake." His voice sounded sugary and overly enthusiastic. He used a lot of hand gestures. I disliked him intensely, for the innocent way he portrayed it. Just killing a few children, before their lives have begun.

When he was finished his introduction, I was led through the door, the cameras wheeling after me. The room was covered, on one side, with weapons of all sorts. He told me I was allowed to choose three.

The other side had a range of food, he told me to pack a bag with what I thought I would need. On a shelf next to it there was a selection of first aid things, which caught my eye immediately.

"Be warned, the game runs on as long as it takes to kill off all but one contestant. Think long term with what you pack."

There was also a rail with clothing, and I reminded myself to think of warmth and protection. The cameras watched me with glazed glass eyes, and I felt my heart beating nervously.

With those final words, he shoved me out into the room with a bag in my hands.

The End

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