Ian:Ready for this?Mature

I was wheeled out of the main room and let go in a much smaller room, the only other person in their was Phillip, someone who had invested large amounts of money into this enterprise and had a large influence over this game.

"You think you're ready for this Ian?" He asked.

"Yeah, I know who to look out for." I said confidently," I have an idea about who's going to help who. I just need you to tell me what your gonna want me to do out their." I said hiding my intentions to find away to blow this all rate back at him. I also took the opportunity  to memorize as much of this building as possible. So in the future it may be a way to escape this hell.

"That will come later. I have a few things to give you." He handed me a small silver plastic case, which I opened up. Its contents was a small radio device with a solar panel to power it. A sharp and very dangerous knife with a hole at the top of the handle, looked like it was good to throw or use in hand to hand combat. The other was a dog whistle.

"What's this about?"

"That, I'm sure will soon become self explanatory." He said with a malicious smile.

The End

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