Billy: AppearancesMature

I scanned the room once more. It was jam-packed. Jam-packed with people in shells. Beneath the deceiving appearances lay cowards. I knew no one here had the capability to deceive, to torture, to kill, as I did. Not even that Ian guy. He could throw his weight around all he liked. He wouldn't fool me.

They have no idea, I thought. Except maybe that idiot French girl who'd helped scoop Li up off the floor.

I realized with a start that Ian's eyes had fallen upon me. Every fibre in my body wanted to glare daggers at him. Big-shot. Thought he was so great coz he was tall and looked like... like a man. Unlike me, who was seemingly trapped in the body of a seven-year-old for all of my existance.

Naturally, I grinned back, making sure the smile lit all the way to my eyes. But somehow I knew Ian didn't buy my smirk at all. He turned his head towards someone else.

Soon as I was unwatched, I got the funny feeling that Ian had just stared straight past me and into my mind.

Melina had tagged along with Li, and they were sitting in the corner, Li dabbing at his face with an already bloodied tissue. The sad part was they seemed to be marveling in horror at how much blood was coming out of him. That was nothing. I'd seen more blood come from a finch. I pitied the pair of them. So weak. I could already imagine myself kneeling over either of them, a knife or a handy sized axe in my hand, hacking at their necks, their arms, their legs...

I crossed my arms over my chest, shook the goreish thoughts away and started to wander through the crowd once more, my trademark cheery grin pasted on my face again.

The End

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