Forging (al)lies- EmelinaMature

I didn't know how many of us were in the room, not a big group, but it was quite crowded. Not only that, but almost right away there was an idiota making trouble. 

Ian, that's what he was called. He looked vicious, or maybe I just got that impression from how he acted. His voice was arrogant, and so were the words he spoke.  His face was handsome, but his actions demonstrated his nature. He knocked the Asian boy, Li, to the floor, and he seemed satisfied when the blood started spreading and Li started groaning. 

Ian gave most of the room a defiant stare, a silent challenge on his face, but his eyes slid over me like a touch of sunlight just before it sets. How odd, most people could not resist looking at me. He was one to watch, he seemed strange. 

Li, on the other hand. I didn't see much of a future for him. He was big and beefy, but didn't seem that clever, he had thrown himself on Ian with no thought. His strength, was strength, I guessed.

It was time for me to start working.

"Hello, I'm Emelina, and you?" I said, turning to the girl beside me. She was tall, blond, and skinny; her name was Layla. Pretending ignorance makes me seem inept, and thus she will wish to help me. At the same time, she will feel good because she is able to answer my question, and she subconsciously reaffirms her own intelligence, giving herself a rush of pleasure. As well as that, who can resist a pretty smile?

"Layla. Layla-Jade Smith. I'm from Australia."

Well this was easy, she was even volunteering details already. I sensed an ally. 

"I am from La Gomera, it is one of the Canary Islands. This is horrible, isn't it?"

"Yes, yes it is. It's so cold out here too, I'm used to the sun and I'm just dying without my beach."

She would be dying, literally, soon. 

"This person here, Ian, he is a fool! Why he is making so much drama even now, when the game has not started yet? He will only make enemies here."

My guess actually, is that he would find plenty of people wanting to work with him, for a bit, because he demonstrated his skills so dramatically. 

"He's hot though, isn't he?"

"This is true, he is muy guapo" I said, but my eyes were really on the 18 year old American one, Charlie. Unlucky, one more year and he would have been too old to take part. He was fine featured and had a mop of dark brown curls falling into his face. The other American, Bart, was short, with spiky blond hair, new white trainers and a pierced ear. I gave his 15 year old, middle class face a wink.

"Hey, you're Spanish, aren't you?" She said, interrupting my musings.

She really was a slow one, wasn't she? She would not last very long at all. Her talent must be either quite subtle, totally pointless, or too obvious to be seen here. But I would need more allies, to start off with at least. I would have to charm more than this one.

"I am" I replied, with a slow smile. "Let us greet the others."

The End

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