Sizing up - IanMature

We all got put into the same room, no one was talking now, we had all been introduced, but no one dared speak more then that. I already had an Idea about everyone around me. Sure it was a leg up but my goal in all of this isn't to win, just to make things more interesting. The kid who looked really cute, and harmless for example he is ruthless under those looks. Even with that prior Knowledge I still had my doubts to whether he could take a good punch to the face. I was curious to how things would play out in such a case.

The purpose of this room was simply to burn your competitors image, and name into your head, names were definitely a powerful thing, as well as knowing your enemy's. However no one knew what other people were capable of doing excluding me. There wasn't much variance there was three people including himself that specialized in speed. I was also curious to how that would play out in combat, would they be better , the same or worse than me? However the one I wanted to look out for the most would be the one who could read their opponents moves before they even know they were about to use them. Her name was  Allessia and she hailed from Italy, not only for that nasty ability she was stunningly beautiful, I half wondered whether her talent should partially be credited to that beauty. Another girl though had a far more beautiful body, and that was Emelina, however I knew her talent was seduction so I entirely avoided looking at her. 

"Guess its about time I spice things up." Ian whispered to himself. I walked into the centre of the room trying to make myself as noticeable as possible.  It didn't take long to get mostly everyone eyes.

"So do you guys think what you have what it takes to survive? Huh? I bet some of you don't even know a thing about the wilderness outside of your little towns, or massive cities.  Not that I'm not coming from a hugely different scenario but come on I have seen what happens on this show, and you know what, we all look liked washed up pansies! I bet." I stopped to see if i was getting any responses," Most of us will be dying in the first round." I smiled viciously some getting damnright angry with me. One even started to charge me. Within a second I was behind him and he was on the ground with a broke nose.

"See what I mean? Weak!"

I was definitely not winning any popularity votes,  but hey this was kinda fun, and even better I was now getting to see peoples personalities and potential reactions in combat. Hopefully I wasn't the only one taking the opportunity.

The End

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