The Others - LilyMature

I unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up, my mum getting up as well. We made our way down the empty aisle, since the globe had given each contestant their own. While we were walking towards the door I happened to look out the window.
          The runway was crowded with people, each with a camera clutched in their hands. The flash going off wildly as they took pictures of us. They would be televised everywhere in the world. My mother would appear red eyed and puffy faced, while I would seem strong and confident because, I hadn't cried once.
          A microphone was pushed into my face and my attacker asked, "Whst's your name, hun?" Which he obviously knew. He had probably done the same to the other teenagers. My name was the only name not said.
          "Lily Hims. From the UK." I replied, as I tried to disguise my face with a mask.
          "That's nice, sweetie. Just make your way to the Greeting Hall, where you'll meet the others." she pointed to a building shimmering with lights, then was gone. I decided to follow.

So...I was standing in a bloody room with people I knew nothing about. I didn't know aobut their family, their friends, I had no idea why the stupid people picked them. And of course, I was too scared to go up to one of them and ask questions. Why bother if we were just going to have to get all fierce once the globe started? I did know something about them, their names.
          The boy who looked like a five year old was named Billy. The girl with the curvy body and dark brown hair's name was Emelina. The boy who I thought was beautiful was named Charlie. The girl with white skin's name was Melina. The boy with bright blue eyes was named Ian and like Charlie he was hot. I've done five? Well the rest of them...I'll just say their names. Layla. Marco. Natalia. Bart. Li. I don't know how to spell this one, but it's pronounced Cah-hea? I think.

The End

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