Melina HoppMature

I sat on the plane, alone, looking out of the window at the clouds scudding past. I sighed. I had been wrenched away from my home, my family, everything i knew, to fight people my own age, who had hardly started to live, and see them die, possibly die myself. I would rather not anyone die, but there you have it. I was Chosen, I was going to the Globe.

I didn't know where exactly i was going, when I looked down out of my window I saw snow capped mountains and evergreen forests. That didn't tell me where i was however. All I could surmise was that I was in the Americas. The ten hour flight told me that, though I had been blindfolded in the airport so I didn't see anything.

America, well, near it. It was far too populated for the kind of situation they had thrown me, and a lot of other poor souls, into. But I was excited. I had never been this far from the vineyards of my homeland. I was going to miss it. Of course, I had to forget it now, had to be tough. I needed to use all my thoughts for survival,I had to remember my weapons training. I laughed to myself: weapons training, just target practice with an ancient longbow and some arrows I had fashioned out of straight sticks and pheasant feathers. I had gotten pretty good though, so maybe it would help.

I sat back in my comfortable seat on the private jet, and sipped at some of the champaign I brought with me from home. May as well enjoy it while i can, tomorrow I would fight for my life, today, I can lounge in comfort.

Bring it on.

The End

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