Emelina BonitaMature

  Most people would think it an unlucky turn of events to find themselves on their way to The Globe, an illegal TV program that is nonetheless watched by one of the largest audiences in the world. You'd think people would have something better to do with their time than watch children killing each other while completing tasks, but people never live up to your expectations, do they?

  To me though, it's just fine. I don't have much at home; I lived on a small island and everyone knew everybody else, and everyone hated me. Getting what you wanted was apparently not valued, except by me. My plan has always been to escape that place, and now I am doing so. If I win this, I will be sorted forever, because everyone knows the fame that people achieve after starting their life with this. I am already brilliant at English, I have practiced my whole life, waiting to escape. Now it's happening! This is real. 

  I guess I'm not actually looking forward to the killing parts, but there are always people suffering somewhere. I'm just going to make it happen in front of me, and that's something I'll have to live with. I quite certain I'll be able to, too. I've dealt with suffering, Dios, I've dealt with it before. My mama would be better off dead, the amount of happiness she has, and she makes me share her misery. My papa really is, and that's what destroyed my mama. There is a trail of niños who claim I broke their hearts. They should have used me before I, them. 

  I do have a chance at winning this though: I can defend myself, I can swim and scavenge for food, I can fight. I am always suspicious. I appear attractive to everyone but I am used to being alone. I am well fed, after this luxurious flight... Such irony, is it not? That they treat us super well here- treat me well, as I am alone- and soon they will throw us out, with little defense against the wilderness, to amuse their sick minds.

  "Usted puede ganar esta." I can win this. I whisper it to myself, as the plane tilts down and a voice reminds me to check my seat-belt. I re-apply my red, red lipstick and smooth down my hair. I want to look good from the start of this, till the very end.

The End

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