Ian ForsythMature

I had landed much earlier then the other contestants for this sick game. My mind was divided I were to kill or to be killed. Even worst however was not only was I being threatened into this sick game, my family was also at the mercy of my actions. I was not only a contestant but I also had to make things interesting by sabotaging the field of play. If teams were made I were to sabotage them to. If I didn't the first one to go would be my younger sister.

I would not fail them, I couldn't take it even if it meant killing perfectly innocent people. A part of me knew it was more important to serve the greater amounts of people then lesser, but my heart lurched at the prospect of my family being slaughtered violently. No I would have to play their game, but while I do so I will formulate a way to strike back. I raised my head as the sound of a plane tore me from my thoughts.

The sun was beginning to rise above the snow covered mountains, warming the chilled air of the northern Canadian climate. This was my native land, but what is even more disgraceful is Canada is known as a country that keeps or attempts to keep the peace. This game violated that, I would in turn fix this wrong in some way. That is if I am not killed.  A feeling of shame ran through me it was a disgrace to any resolve I had.

"No I will not be killed. I will make it through!"  I said loudly as the plane hit the runway masking the words I spoke but I heard myself loud and clear.

Curiosity, excitement and sadness filled me as I walked towards the greeting hall.

The End

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