The GlobeMature

Teenagers from different countries were sent to a secret destination in Northern Canada, to compete in a competition to survive called The Globe.

I glanced out the window at the wonderous site of clouds, then quickly pulled down the shade. Instead I looked over at the woman sitting next to my tiny figure. Her hair was a bright shade of red, the almost opposite of my bland auburn curls. Her eyes were a dark shade of blue. If you had only seen the back of her and I you would say we were twins. But we weren't. In fact if you'd seen us from the front not the back you would say the exact opposite. She had wrinkles under her eyes from times of stress and anger. I knew what these lines were from. They were from me. She was my mother and I was her daughter.
          A tear slipped down her wrinkled face and landed on her green sweater. I also knew what had caused these sudden tears and once again, it was me. Actually, it wasn't me. It was what we were in this bloody airplane for. 
          I had been picked for The Globe. I knew nothing at all except that once they dropped me off at the secret destination as they did the same for the other teenagers, I would have to survive in the wild. I had to try to not be killed by the other contestants, I had to kill if that's what it meant to stay alive. I had to leave my hairbrained mother and my baby brother to fight in some person's idea of entertainment. And trust me, I didn't want to.

The End

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