The Queen of Castile

Word Count: 2742

Extract Three

'Por favor, Highness? I know I can do this!' A tall man with thick black hair followed her through the corridors. 

'Prove it then Colon.' the elegant woman replied, trying to hurry off.

'Let me!' She stopped and turned to him.

'You have three weeks to prove to me and His Majesty that you can get to India and not lose all of my men. Then you will have to leave our court.'

The man bowed and left her.

Later over dinner, Ferdinand asked her about her day.

'That Colon was back again. I must say he's beginning to make quite an impression.'

'Oh? What happened, Belleza?' 

'He asked again. I told him to prove that he could do it.' she paused, ' I said he has three weeks that he could get our men to India without killing all of our men.'

'I'm slightly interested as to what he'll come up with. Wouldn't it be nice to have India as well?'

'Yes, I suppose.' she sighed. 'But is he the right person? Just an uneducated Genoan.'

'Let's see.' 

Meanwhile, in an upstairs room of La Corona de Leon, the black haired man was leant over a desk covered in papers, scribbling notes onto maps and in the margins of books. An icy gust of wind blew through the open window, putting out the candle he was working by. He sighed, shoving the papers into a messy pile. Closing the old window he sunk onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep. He dreamt of the wind in his hair as he stood on the deck of his own ship, seeing a land covered in trees in the distance.

The End

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