Elizabeth, Friday 10th 1851

Word count:1834

Friday 10th January
Lambert Place
My Chamber

It's Tuesday and our coming out is already in full swing. Mother is arranging shopping trips for new clothes for us, and we have daily walks with Gennie, our maid, and it is this that I am to talk about today.

Gennie used to be the daughter of a Duke, but when her parents died in a fire the inheritance went to her Uncle Waldo, who didn't much care for her brother's only daughter, so Gennie was sent away. She ended up working as a maid for the Lambert family. Elizabeth, Esther and Abbie were the only ones who knew Genivive's story, and that was how it was to stay.

As we strolled through the majestic park, my twin, maid and I couldn't help but notice the grand greenhouse rising above the trees.

"What is that, do you suppose?" Esther wondered aloud.

"I overheard your mother and father talking as I was moving some things for them the other day. It's to be the 'Grand Exhibition.' A big celebration of the British Empire."

"You do know you could be beaten for eavesdropping." Esther pointed out

"Sounds exciting though. Do you suppose we'll go?" I added more enthusisam than I might have otherwise.

"I hear your father was invited to the opening." Gennie smiled.

We continued to babble excitedly for the duration of our walk, fantisising about what would be there, and of course, Esther brought up who.

Again I'm wondering about the future, who my father will bethroth me to, or whether he'll give the choice to me. Our first ball is in a week and no doubt mother and Aunt Matilda will try to introduce us to no end of suitors.

It's getting late and my candle is burning out. Today was been too exciting for me.

The End

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