Zeira: Waking

Beeps echoed through my skull and with a groan I forced open my eyes open. It washardto see through all the brightness. I saw.... wait, what the hell was I seeing. The world seemed to look...blue. Soon it faded anfd I blinked hard wanting to get it back so I could work it out.

I couldn't though and soon a nurse was rushing in. "Oh your awake" she tapped a monitor which I hadn't realized was beeping. The moment I focused on it I felt a rush. A sudden thirst for something that I knew wasn't liquid. Thats when I noticed my bandages glowing blue in a lightning bolt shape. I squealed and hid them under the covers. The burse turned round. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just I'm battered up a lot"

"Not so much. Only the scarson your hands are serious. Everyone's healing well but you've been out the longest. 4 months I think"

"What?" I yelled.

"Yes, all the other onlyhave bruises now"

"Others?" I ask curious.


I find myself slightly dizzy as for the first time in a while I head for the mobile school. The others that had experienced the accident are apparently already back at school with quite bad bruising for some. I'd got there names Ryan, Dia, Quin and Pandora. I never even heard of them before but apparently we're in the same year.

Oh well, I guess I should get on with school and forget about all the weird stuff thats been happening. The way every so often my eyes seem to see energy and I feel a thirst around electronic equiptment.Then theres the hands. They glow blue where my scar is on each hand. I'm scared somethings gonna happen and soon.

I walk into a room and sigh cause the lights cut out the moment I do. I flick my hand in annoyance and... a spark snaps quickly an almost unseeable on my hand and all the lights shoot on. Everyone cheers while I merely stand frozen then race out of the school.

I have to find them. I have to find the others because whatevers happening I have a sudden feeling it needs to be kept quiet.

The End

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