Pandora: Death wish

I smelt it before I felt it.

The familiar scent of smoke reached me just as I was in the corridor. It burned in my nostrils and I automatically flinched away from it. Torrents of black smoke began flooding out from underneath the toilet door, misting around my ankles. Then came the heat. It was surprisingly hot considering it was on the other side of the door. The incredible heat only got more intense and my eyes began watering.

I don't know why I didn't run the other way. I could have easily gotten away if I'd wanted to, but I was rooted to the spot. Out of nothing I could explain. Curiosity? Fascination?

It was strange, but I had always been fascinated by fire. The way it consumes anything in it's path, bright orange flames creating death and destruction. Without thinking, I wrapped my sleeve around my hand and clasped the door handle. The heat easily reached me through the thin sheet of cotton and I pushed the door open. This was obviously an incredibly stupid move. 

The temperature that hit me was astounding. It slammed into me, forcing me back. I automatically shielded my eyes with my arm, but stayed where I was. I had never seen fire of this multitude up close before...

What happened next was my fault. I had been stupid, ludicrous, for opening that door. There was an almighty explosion, one that seemed to burst my eardrums and explode my mind. I was suddenly airborne, flying backwards. 

A crash.

I hit concrete and blacked out.


'...Miracle she's alive...'

'Flew straight through double paned glass...'

'...fractured ribs, smoke inhalation, broken ankle...'

Voices. They swam through my semi-conscious mind. I couldn't tell if they were real or false. Darkness. It encompassed me. 

Just as I tried focussing on one particular voice, my mind gave up. Strained under the pressure. It forced me back into unconsciousness.

The End

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