Quin: Smoking Darkness


When the alarm rang, it seemed as if everyone dropped the books they were holding and rushed out the door, pushing whoever and whatever aside. I was at the back of the library trying to copy my friend's notes for French class when fire alarm rang so I was the latest to react and get up. Sadly for me, the teachers didn't think twice to check if there was anyone left behind, since I didn't hear anyone shout my name.

Realizing I was the only one left in the library, I ran to the door and desperately tried to open it, but it was no use. The door was jammed. "Help, help, help!" I screamed, slamming my fists against the wood in vain. When I looked down to my feet, I could see the smoke coming in through the bottom of the door now, blocking my exit.

In a panic, I ran to every window in the room, trying to break the glass with a chair or my bruised hands, but nothing worked. The smoke was everywhere, in what seemed like, minutes, clouding my sight and making it difficult to breathe. I was practically blind and suffocating with every step I took.

I hurried myself into the nearest corner, but my back made in impact with a bookcase or something equally as heavy because it fell onto of me, crushing my legs and back. The pain was instant and stretched through my entire back in a searing, burning, and consuming feeling that made me gag and scream. I hastily tried to lift the heavy thing off of me, summing up strength that I honestly knew only came when one was frightened.

I dragged myself from the bookcase, suffering through the shocks of pain that riddled my body. My hands went to my spine, trying to find the source of any bleeding. I didn't feel any blood against my palm, but the minute my hand made contact with a patch skin, I felt as though I was stabbing myself.

Just then, I heard someone yelling while breaking down the door. "Is anyone in here?!" the fireman yelled, breaking down the door of the library. I coughed painfully, unable to speak. He must have heard me because soon I saw the man kneeling before me, mask over his face.

"Can you walk, son?" I nodded, still too hard for me to saying anything. He got me up and helped me walk out of the smoke filled room. I was still slumped against the fireman when I blacked out.

I woke up in an ambulance, people looking over me. I opened my mouth to say something, but I blacked out again before I could even say a word.

The End

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