Fire and Ice


What happened, where is everyone? My eyes rolled around in their sockets until I was able to blink away the haze. I had been sleeping in Honors chemistry, when a groan from the building and the ground trembling awoke me. No, no, no! Fire surrounded me blocking off every exit, ceiling tiles crashing to the burning ground. 

"Help! Hello?" I shouted so long I began coughing from the inhalation of the smoke. I collapsed onto the ground, bumping a table. Tears began to pour from my eyes and pool around me. The fire began to draw closer and closer. I kept thinking of the life I would never live, the people I would never meet. A small chuckle escaped my lips, my friends always said I'd burn. 'Clink' a small glass beaker fell from the the burning table and splashed it's contents across my body. I screamed as the liquid went ablaze with fire. I writhed and thrashed trying to put the flames out, suddenly a sudden cold covered my body. The flames were gone, my skin was an icy blue-ish grey. I tried to crawl forward but my strength was gone. 

"Ryan? Ryan!" A voice shouted through the chocking darkness. the figure hurried towards me and grabbed my arm. Whoever they were, they carried me through the flames and out into the blinding daylight that I never thought I'd see again. Voices screamed and yelled, some cried. Red and white lights flashed above me. An oxygen mask covered my nose and mouth as my brain tried to process the events. 

"You're gonna be ok!" Another voice said trying to call me back from the icy cold. The voice yelped when he touched my skin. "This kid is as cold as ice!" the shadows shifted and moved around me, another person put their hand on me. 

"He's fine." another man's voice said. I shut my eyes and relaxed in the darkness. All the noises faded, I was in Limbo. Nothingness. Time had no control over this place. Am I dead? A scowl flashed over my face. The darkness began to shake and crumble a shocked voice echoing in my ears. Slowly, I cam around to the world of the living. The sirens from the ambulance, wailing in my ears as the engine started up. My gaze shifted to my hands. Bone white mixed with ash grey, had become my skin color. I shivered as I got one last glance at the burning building before the doors shut. The vehicle speeding away to the hospital, if it's so warm from the fire...why am I so cold?

The End

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