Dia - The Fire

The fire alarm was ringing, and everyone was rushing from the science lab. Screams and pitiful sobs of fear permeate the air. 

"THIS IS NOT A DRILL! GET OUT OF THE CLASSROOM!" Yelled our teacher. More screams ripped the air apart. As I raced to get from the classroom, someone pushed me, hard, and I went flying, smashing my head against the skull of a wolf that was on a shelf. I slid to the ground, and slumped, coughing, against the cabinets at the side of the classroom. 

I gave a gasp of pain as something bit into my arm. Looking down, I saw the wolf skull, the same one as before, with its jaws clamped around my arm. I blinked, and the skull crashed to the floor. But, scarily, I was left with shallow bite marks on my arm. I blinked at them, trying to make them disappear, trying to convince myself I was just hallucinating. But the pain I felt was all too real. 

By the time I heard footsteps in the corridor I had nearly given up. My breath was coming in shallow pants, and I went through horrendous coughing fits every few seconds. Luckily, it was one of those coughing fits that saved me. 

"HELLO?" Came the shout of a fireman. He bashed down the door and rushed in, scooping me into his arms. When I looked down at where I had been slumped, I saw a disgusting, crimson stain running down the cabinets and pooling on the floor. Reaching a weak arm up to my head, I touched the place where it hurt. My fingers came away dripping with blood. That was when I screamed, and let the darkness take control. 

When I regained consciousness, I was in an ambulance, surrounded by several paramedics. Judging by the jolting and the loud noise of the siren that filled the air, we were on our way to the Hospital. I tried to open my mouth, sure that there was something I had to say, something I had to tell them... But before I could summon the energy to move my lips, the blackness reclaimed me. 

The End

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