The Gifted

Five children, one accident, five powers given. This is the story of the gifted.

The bell was ringing, pounding in my skull. I couldn't get out. Why couldn't I get out? I banged on the door choaking in the weird coloured smoke. I mean smoke was ment to be a merky blacky grey yet this smoke was as firey as the flames that caused it. It frightened me. I raced to a corner where I bashed at a window.

Suddenly a bang. I was blow off my feet and I crashed into the interative whiteboard. I grab at the edge and a searing pain went through me making me scream. I collapsed to the floor and shivered. I felt so scared. Why was no one saving me? The searing pain hadn't left my palms and I looked down to see lightning-like scars. The were raw and slightly blue.... wait... blue. I blinked hard and the blueish light from the scars vanished.

Then the door burst open. A man in heavy fireman uniform ran in. He knelt next to me. "Can you hear me?" he asked. I nodded coughing. "Okay, I'm going to lift you up but I need you to try and draw in breath less frequently, do you understand?"

I nodded again and was hauld into his arms. He held me like a bundle and the time past in a hazy blur. I felt sick, the pounding in my skull and the searing pain on my palms was worsing and sending me into a dull sleep. Suddenly I woke to fresh air touching my cheeks. Then I was in an abulance.

"Hello, sweetie.... she's blacking out.... come on girly hold on..."

I was lost the words were not making sense. They sounded like an annoying buzz to my mind.

"God, I can't believe there are four more people left inside. If she's this bad I'm worried for the rest"

Four more.... yes, that sounded right to my brain but why? What was wrong with me?

The End

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