The Bizzare Mind Of A Schizophrenic BullyMature

jakasjdghfiidfjogisjiosjdfgijdsfgiofghjsidfj So there I was thinking to myself ahfjsdghskdlfjggsdkfj who am I really? Like honestly, who am I? asdkjfhkdflgjkajdfdajhgkj My father makes kldjfgkjsdkfjdsfkafkafsdhfkajsdf is a carpenter and my mother? Well she doesn't work really.. asdlgjdkf Well... I don't think of it as a job.. in fact, I just don't think of it.

zjfkzxgvkcvbjkfnjdngkdfjlgskldfngjfbjfsdngkvnbksnkbsnkm;slgjfkgjlgmkmfkngfdlv I have silvery eyes, blue hair and no personality.. I am hated by most of the people I see daily jhdskvnkdfglkdjgfksdfgjkflgskdfgn and frankly, I am a horrible excuse for a person. A bully.

fdskjflzdkglksflgkgshksjjdkl;lkfdojijsdfghojdfgojopofjdgojsdfg But what nobody really understands is that I didn't choose this life. I didn't just wake up one day and say "Yes, I know what I want to do with my life; bully those around me." It wasn't like that.
They hated me. You think that I am horrible to you? You know nothing about my life. sdkfjkmsldgfknkndsklfnkn
Every day they were there, taunting me, hurting me... and I grew hard.

The girl who pokes fun at you and beats you up if you cross her - she didn't exist sdjknfkfgnknkgdslkgndkgknlsnieronrkdlnslkn two years or so ago. This girl in front of you who hurts you so much and who you hate so much? She never meant to be like this.

But if they hated you as much as they hate me, you would understand.


I am sorry. Maybe one day you'll understand.
Who is it who hates me? Aside from all of you? That's just it my dear, you have all always hated me. dsfklnmkldngkndfgklnairngoweomrgjnseionsdfknrg

Why couldn't you all just get out of my head? 

The End

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