Akvnffe, Hmm?Mature

Advrsivn adiunvd xi vfisofu cv aodiunvkf fvddkhha aoiuvnjd sisuodioaf oaisud oiuadsn oaiusd She crept out of her hiding place and kdnbfvnknvkmadoimdcnhcn sfvjgfsc looked around. The world was still spinning. Everyone was still going about their own business. But something seemed...different. She kjnhvxnzkc,vcnjbvcmxklzcvcxklsc x./z. bhjda vgiuyn ajecnd,d didn't know what it was. 

Venturing out from the cliff in which she'd been hiding for nearly a week now, she shaded her eyes against the bright sun. svibndklcvnmcx,.lckj hcm,c osucjxmvnb io shftoei ohh! i know what to say! The sun was far brighter than usual...and the sky was far darker than usual.

Hmm. Ominous.

fndxnklcvkcncmx,cm noidscoia ud h,fm pauiu  asdyi   adyi ghaiusy  aiusdiu ie adiyiuy eadsaiuy And then, she looked at her skin. It was devoid of any pigment. 

Pure, silky white. She vnkcjdhhkcxjxchu hfnsuyuifjdk jsoiaf stifled a scream of surprise. Behind her, j hgl kipf 183 f hzkc vb hfud a ui a io uou 7 aid oa there was a burst of evil laughter. Had she been under any other circumstance, she would've thought the evil laughter was cliched. But now, the last thing on her mind was cliche. The first thing on her mind was a simple yet complicated concept:

hfdsvni ho hum de du,m iysdfuu fioauouoriuaou oruoeuioauoi ue SURVIVE.

Thitu rf ieuy rgosinu o ngoaiud oThe laughter grew louder and more menacing until it stopped. And when it stopped, a rainbow shot across the sky. But it wasn't just any rainbow. It was black and white.

Suddenly, all the colors of the world leaped into the rainbow. The rainbow swelled with color as all the color on the earth skipped and twirled and waltzed into the rainbow. The red rocks turned white as the red joined the rainbow. The green shrubs turned black as the green whirled away to the rainbow. The blue sky even turned silver as all its blue was lost inside the rainbow, which was no longer black and white...but vibrant from all the colors it had gained.

She heard chanting, and the rainbow disappeared...leaving behind a world without color.

Haha! There it is! It was quite an interesting challenge(:

The End

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