The Gibberish ExerciseMature

Here are the rules! You are to type gibberish until you find the beginnings of a story. Doesn't matter how crazy it is, just write. If you're stuck in the middle, continue with the gibberish until you get an idea. BOLD all of the words that are included in the character so that they
stand out in the forest of gibberish. This story can be as long or as short as you want it to be. You have a maximum 10 minutes and a minimum of 5 minutes, however. Hope you can type fast.

I have NO idea how th

alkjv;oaejfj;aijbae;sijfa;oiceakjboijaojdfeanboijasdlkcjaoielbnlkasdofjoiabkemaoi Once there was a asldjoibjaeijcnoainboihaoeijdlkjfoijboiaheerjalisdgij girl with dkljoibhseoijfhaniosejbhiohaskenfobihaslkjefoibnsndhoienboisdehobaihse;oijfoihbalsekjrfoijhboihserkaklsjdfhboiasejf an excruciatingly horrible sense of humor that one day, she pissed off all of her friends. asllijboasehflijsbohiaserfjoisbhsdilebhasdknefoihb In order to make everything better, she went to see a humor counselor, who went by the name of a;sdlkjboihsekfhjasodfihaboiehasdfoihbaoeirutoij Wittington. Wittington owned a joke shop just across the street from where this girl lived. She spent a whole month with Wittington the humor counselor, and when her training was done, her humor wasn't so excruciatingly horrible anymore. In fact, her humor was now very funny, and didn't offend anyone.



The End

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