Britt: A Change of Plans

I'm not entirely sure how long I stayed down there. All I know is that my human half felt exhausted. I must've fallen asleep because I suddenly found my eyes snapping open to the sound of a doorknob rattling.

I leapt to my feet and looked over at the door just in time for it to open and a man in a janitor's outfit step through. I instinctively leapt for the roof only to remember that I was still in human form. I clumsily fell on top a stack of boxes and tumbled down with them.

"Hey!" the janitor demanded, "Who's in here?"

I attempted at turning back to a ghost but my senses were still a little groggy from sleep. So, before I could even think plasma, I felt a box being lifted off of me.

"What the..." the janitor growled, "What are you doing down here? Hiding from detention?"

I groaned, still not used to the feeling of bruises.

"Come on," he  grunted, grabbing my arm with a thick hand and yanking me out of the mess. He began dragging me towards the door, shaking his head, "Kids these days."

"Wait," I finally got to my senses to talk, "Where are you taking me?"

"Where you belong," he replied.

I had half a mind to turn back into a ghost and escape his grasp but, in the end, that would probably cause even more trouble and confusion. I was better off waiting until I was alone.

He led me up the stairs, through a door, and into a bustling hallway. I gulped.

High School.

He yanked me through the crowds until we reached a office. He opened the door and ushered me inside.

"Yes?" a man asked, not even looking up from his computer screen.

"I found one of your students hiding down in the basement."

Finally the man looked up, "Really? But I thought it was locked."

The janitor shrugged, "So did I."

The man, who I assumed was the principal, removed his glasses with a sigh, "Fine. Just leave her with me. I'll decide what to do. As for you, I want you to replace the locks on those doors. The last thing I want is vandalism on our storage."

The janitor nodded and left, leaving me looking uneasily around the various photographs and stickynotes that trimmed the office.


I jerked my gaze back at him, "Um. Britt."


I bit my lip nervously. Give my whole name? I might as well call up my nemesis and tell him my location.


He rose an eyebrow and then sighed again, "Whatever. What were you doing in the basement anyways?"

"Hiding. From...a bully." It wasn't all a lie.

"Oh," he muttered, "Fine. I'm too busy to worry about it today. Just got back to you're class. And remember to just report the bully next time. We can't have students down there."

"Okay," I nodded, walking out. I made for the door when another idea stopped me. This would be the perfect hideout. There was a crowd of hundreds of kids my human age that I could mingle in and going back to the ghost zone would only make my existence known.

No. Until I had a well thought-out plan, I needed to stay here.

Now I just had to decide what classroom to walk into...


The End

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