Natalie: A long afternoon

Ok, so I managed to survive my last classes. But then I had to endure the worst thing of them all; detention. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one there. There was another girl in my grade. Her name was Britt. We talked for a minute, but then things got quiet. Mrs. Clifford was in charge of detention, and she made sure we didn't make a sound. If we did as much as a sneeze, we would be in serious trouble. It was cold season, so we were all sneezing. So by the time our hour was up, Mrs. Clifford was mad.

I was amazed I even made it out alive. That left me only one thingto do, and that was my homework. However, just as I was starting to understand all the complicated math, I was inturrupted by yet another ghost outside the kitchen window. I don't know why they hate me so much. I only attack them because they attack me first. Anywho, this one was stronger then I was used to. it was indeed the ultimate ghost. The very same one that had killed my father. And it won't rest until everybody with ghost powers is dead.

I leapt from the table, transformed into my ghost self, and ran right through the door.  Immediately, I saw what I was up against. The thing was at least ten feet tall, twice my height. It was a robot sort of thing. I don't know exactly what power he had. But because he was the ultimate ghost, I was assuming he had controll over just about everything. But being a robot, he was best at technology. I immediately began to fight. But it fought back even harder.  I watched in horror as our brand-new flat screen tv came flying through the window. How would I ever explain this to my mom?

The End

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